Hello! I’m Hui Yi, a product manager at Bytedance currently based in Shanghai!

Orientate is a series of writings on topics that matter to me, mainly in technology, product, career and life.

Orientate, by definition, means:

to discover your position in relation to what is around you.

As we are all on Earth (and Mars in the future) for a short period of time, I feel it’s important to make full use of the time we have, through gaining knowledge that helps us to navigate the universe in each of our own ways.

Tech and product have always been my interests, so I hope to share my perspectives to encourage conversations that help me think better.

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I was fortunate enough to have worked as a Product Manager at Carousell, APAC’s largest C2C marketplace, and see it grow from a team of less than 10 to over 500 for close to 7 years.

The founding team inspired me to get into technology and product management. Since, I developed an interest in marketplaces, social products and community building.

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Thoughts on technology, product, career and life.